Austin Williams

Front-End Developer and Designer

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Who I Am

Greenville SC based front-end developer, with a love for a solving problems,new experiences, and people.I am a graduate of both the Iron Yard Academy's front-end development course and the graphic communications program at Clemson University where I learned the skills to bring the ideas of myself and others to life.

What I know



Adobe Illustrator


Backbone JS

Adobe Photoshop


React JS

Adobe Indesign





DOM360 is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in serving Automotive Dealerships.The pages below are some examples of content I've created for our clients across various brands and sites.

The Iron Yard

The Karaoke Man

The Karaoke Man is an event management system that allows users to easily host and join karaoke parties. As the final project from my time at the Iron Yard I was tasked with creating a multipage application with CRUD capabilities that solved a unique problem. To do this I partnered with a back-end developer to design our database while, I designed the dynamic user interface and graphics. This application is built with a Django/Python back-end, Backbone JS, and React JS.

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Majestic Thai

Majestic Thai is a website for a ficticious Thai restaurant intended to allow users to place their own orders and then submit them online. This project is built using Backbone JS and React JS.

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Freelance and Graphic Design

To view more of my work in graphic and print design, visit